Features of uID Accounts

Your uID account is a single account that allows you to use all services based on uID Architecture, using OpenID Connect for user authentication and access control.

  • A single uID account gives you access to all services based on uID Architecture.
  • Only services that a user has permitted can access the user's registered information.
  • You can sign in uID account via your account on the external services such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook.

uID Architecture

uID Architecture is a mechanism to realize Ubiquitous Computing.

Ubiquitous Computing is a computing paradigm or system concept in ICT in which small computers are embedded in many objects and places in our surrounding, and these computers offer useful information services and environment control by means of cooperative distributed processing. There are phrases that basically refer to the same concept such as "Pervasive Computing" and "Smart Environtment," but lately the phrase, the "Internet of Things (IoT)" has become popular among people who stress the connection of objects to networks.

Basic concept of uID Architecture
Information infrastructure that permits cross query to various databases across organization and database boundaries.
  • uID Architecture automatically recognizes objects and places in the real world and bridges the real world and virtual world by means of ucode: ucode is a 128-bit long identifier and can be assigned to objects and places in a unique manner.
  • uID Architecture provides mechanisms which consolidate the information from many embedded home electronic devices and sensor nodes and infer the information that is necessary for realizing various services.
  • uID Architecture controls access to devices and information based on the current context using uID account.